caro & co is the brainchild of writer and author, Caro Webster. Following on from the success of her book (Small Fry Outdoors-inspiration for being outside with kids) she realised that people were hungrier than ever for information and tips on how to keep kids connected to the wonder of nature and outdoors. A dedicated free-play advocate, Caro & Co is a also a place people come to for tips and insights on how to encourage children to find their own fun, engaging them with natural art and craft ideas, food sources and sustainability, gardening, animals and encouraging independent discovery and fostering resilience and responsible risk-taking.

Humorous and engaging in tone, caro and co has a loyal band of subscribers. An earnest foodie, you’ll find lots of easy and beautiful recipes too. A champion of fostering imagination, pop over to the ‘imagination’ page if your child is eager to discover more about the world of magical creatures.

Give Caro a pen, garden, time to cook, her kids, politics and she’s at her happiest. With a home in Sydney and a sprawling farm on the southern tablelands, she knows she and her family are incredibly lucky. The farm in particular provides her with much inspiration. Caro contributes regularly to Australian Country Style magazine, contributes sporadically to others and is currently working on a second book about a girl who loves dirt. She’s also close to admitting her addiction to social media and can be found on twitterfacebook, instagram and pinterest.



  1. Inga says:

    Jun 14, 2011


    Love. Love. Love. xx

  2. Deb Davis says:

    Aug 2, 2011


    I found your beautiful blog and you must just must do one for us please.

  3. Rashida Tayabali says:

    Apr 26, 2012


    Lovely blog! I think its extremely important for children to love the outdoors. I reckon these days, they spend way too much time indoors such that most kids have no idea even where veggies come from. I’ve already dedicated a little pot to my bub to look after once he’s a little older.

  4. Lisa Hill says:

    May 10, 2012


    Wow, what a superbly designed blog! I came here to congratulate you on winning the Parenting Category in the 2012 Best Australian Blogs Awards, and am so impressed at the way you have set this up with enticing ideas to lure readers in. It’s beautiful. Well done:)

  5. Jackie Katsianas says:

    May 10, 2012


    A beautiful, useful blog. I will be using this stuff a lot. Thank you!
    (found via 2012 Best Australian Blogs Awards – congratulations!)

  6. RoseDocwra says:

    May 18, 2012


    I truly enjoyed ready and learning from this blog.
    As a mother of older children, I still need to read and learn every day to make life interesting for all.

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